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Jay Bazuzi's Web Presence.

Suave (the SGML User and Author's Visual Environment) now has an official location which should remain accurate as long as Sauve exists. I have my own subdomain now (j.slac.com), but my ISP won't give me true dial-on-demand. I want to have a tranparent, intermittent internet link. That is, when I have a packet to go out, my machine creates a route (brings up the link) to the ISP, and when they have a packet to come in, they create a route to me. Unfortunatly, I've not been able to find an ISP who provides this service. If you know of one in the Seattle area who supports such a service for ISDN, and is reasonably priced, please let me know.

In May 1996 I graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Math and a second major in Computer Science.

I now have a job working for Microsoft, as a developer in Visual C++. I work on the debugger. If you have gripes about that product, particularly the debugger, let me know -- I'll see what I can do. Yes, that's right. I work for Bill.

If you write HTML, you should make sure it's valid. Use a Validator. Keep your audience wide.

My main interests include Political Dissent, fighting Marijuana Prohibition, SGML and DSSSL, writing great code, music, and motorcycling.

In the interests of privacy and security, I use PGP. Want my Public Key? To lighten things up, get my Geek Key, too.

If you're feeling particualrly good today, I can fix that.