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This page is a kind of anti-appendix, in that its function is to share the process of my preparing for MOONPATH TENEMENT, and then to share the work in progress once underway. I will stop short of posting completed pages. This project demands a certain level of commitment to research, and I think it might prove entertaining and educating to post my findings as I go.

Character sketches:
I am posting these images to give you an opportunity to see my characters evolve from scratch to finish. It will go like this: First, I attempt to just capture the basic features. Then I evolve to getting the personality across. Then my style, as it comes to rest within the characters, emerges. Then, finally, the characters settle under my command.To start off, I will be drawing straight from photographs. Soon, though, come the free-form renderings.

It's a very engaging, but tedious process for me, so it helps to have this little forum as a point of motivation, however slight. As the drawings of the characters amass, I will give them their own pages.

Coming soon: Sketches of the Thomas Wolfe bording house, and a detailing of my interactions with the Thomas Wolfe Memorial.


Many more character studies of Dostoevsky coming! I haven't come close to capturing that faint look of warmth/despair/humor, a strange blend which speaks of Dosty's "edge". It's strange, because his face is so sternly put together, and his eyes are dark like a shark's, yet there is a contrasting, humble quality which seems to emit from the brow and mouth. It's his personality showing through his visage.

Virginia Woolf

This is taken from a photo of a young Virginia (pre-marriage/Woolf). It is my first rendering of her, and I have done nothing but fail at capturing even the most obvious signatures of her horribly fascinating face. My problem is that I am too astounded by her startling cast of features; the bulb-like eyes, at once wild, amused, with a kind suspicious cunning - ackwardly damning.

Don't get me started on her lips, my God.

Her nose is quite peculiar. More on that later.

For those of you unfamiliar with her appearance, I'll be grinding the lead to introduce her to you. For those of you familiar, I will bring her forward, just bear with me.


Much, much more coming. I will be updating this page constantly.