All of the pages from Dust #1 are currently for sale. They range from 25 dollars to 200 dollars.

The whole set is up for 2,500 dollars, until the first page sells. Or, they can be broken down into sections; for instance, the 7 page section featuring "Henry the Lion" (Bukowski) is up for 500 dollars.

Also for sale is the cover for what would have been Dust #2 (pictured here). This piece is 200 dollars.

Images from the more expensive pages, along with a more extensive breakdown of what is available, will be up soon (including 4 pages from what would have been Dust #2).

All pages are India Ink applied with brush and pen on 11x17
King James Glossy Board.

If you are interested, please email (link below) with the pages you have in mind.