Critical Mass

Critical Mass occurs periodically throughout the year.  Keep an eye out for flyers and bike tags that might announce the next Mass.  And remember: ANYTIME YOU FEEL UNSAFE, TAKE THE LANE!


"We're not blocking traffic. We ARE Traffic!"

Every so often, concerned bicyclists take to the streets to raise awareness of bicycling and its many benefits over driving cars.  A Critical Mass occurs when they may be forced at times to take up entire lanes, demonstrating the right of bikers to enjoy more than just the crumbled edge of the road, the  need for bike lanes throughout campus and the town of Blacksburg, and the need for car drivers to recognize bikers as legitimate users of the roadways.


One less Car!

Car use in Blacksburg presents numerous problems, both locally and globally. Everyday, many Virginia Tech students and faculty drive one or two miles by themselves to campus. When they arrive, they wage war with other single drivers over parking spaces, and pressure the University to spend valuable funds on more parking.

On a larger scale, to drive cars, oil must be drilled (disrupting sensitive ecosystems), transported (remember Exxon Valdez?), and then burned in the engine, which emits greenhouse and smog producing gases. This unnecessary driving also increases our dependence on foreign oil, making the U.S. weaker economically and increasing our need to go to war over oil.

Bicycling whenever possible is a very real and measurable way to begin to address some of these problems.


"Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul"
--Edward Abbey

Attitudes towards biking will not change themselves.  Indeed, more people than ever are purchasing road-clogging, planet-destroying SUV's.  If we want our roads and our planet back, for ourselves and the next generations, we must challenge the modern car culture on all fronts.  With increases knowledge of the effects of global warming, we can no longer waste time arguing over tactics.  Whether you feel most comfortable writing letters to city council, participating in critical mass, or acting directly to stop the automobile juggernaut, their is a need for you.

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